Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tagbo's Family Releases Official Statement, 'Evidence Received So Far Suggests That There Is More To His Death'


Late Tagbo's family has released official statement concerning his death, the statement was released by Mrs Araka on behalf of the family, from the write up the family says, evidence received so far suggests that there is more to Tagbo's death and they would make sure the truth comes out.

Below is the statement written by Tagbo's family;

"We the family of Tahno Ifeatuchukwu Umeike, received the shocking news of the passing of our brother on October 3 at about 8:55p.m., several hours after his demise. Since his passing, there have been several stories making the rounds especially on social media, regarding Tagbo's personality and the circumstances concerning his death. For a family that is trying to come to terms with the passing of their loved one, some displaying and unfounded comments and statements about his personality and life, especially from individuals who did not even know Tagbo, have been received with a lot of sadiness.

" Tagbo looked out for everyone and had a big heart, he was a friend to all and loved by msny. Evidence received so far suggests that there is more to his death and we, as a family, will ensure that the truth regarding the circumstances of his passing will be brought to light. At this point, we will like to thank the Lagos State Police Gorce, led by Acting Police Commissioner, Imohimi Edgal, for their diligence snd professionalism in carrying out their investigation. We are pleased to say that we now have a clearer picture of the events leading up to Tagbo's untimely demise. As it is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to disclose any further information, but suffice to say the truth will come out! We would like to kindly ask that the print media and blogs covering this story refrain from printing hearsay and fabrications snd stick to the facts, while respecting that the family is grieving." 

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