Sunday, 8 October 2017

Arsene Wenger Urges Wilshere To Recover Quick From Injuru

Jack Wilshere and Arsene Wenger

Arsenal FC's manager, Arsene Wenger is urging Jack Wilshere,25, to recover quick from his injury. Wilshere had been nailed down by injuries but struggling to get back to his feet. 

His contract with Arsenal will end this season. Wilshere is expected to be part of England team for their next World Cup match.

He had only played 3 times this season for Arsenal, twice in the Europa league and once in th e EFL Cup.

Wenger reportedly said, "He struggled historically with repeated injuries snd no one could question his talent."

"Nobofy would question his exceptional ability to beat people with the ball.

" But in this job you need to have health. The requests snd demands of the competition, physically, are so high and you can only be at your best if you can play at least 20 games on the trot.

"He needs to keep his health and be capable of competing. If he can play from now until Dec ember at the top level, he will be back.

" If he has other setbacks then it will be more difficult."
Furthermore, Wenger said. "It's s vital season because he's nearing the end of his contract and it's a World Cup year.

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