Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Read What Dbanj Has To Say About Psquare's Breakup

Photo of Psquare and dbanj

The Koko master popularly known as Dbanj has said that the Psquare breakup is gaining momentum due to wide publicity by media. He believes if the media had not expanded it, their differences would have been resolved.

In his statement recently with NET, Koko master was saying that at the moment the Okoye brothers should be left alone so things can take take shape and they can settle their issues amicably.

Dbanj said:

"The media should sit back and let them settle their issues amicably. They're making it worse by writing all sorts of stories about them. Brothers will always fight and get back as brothers, but the media should not write negative stories in a bid to make money off the headlines."

The Koko master made reference to his exit from Mohits record in the year 2012, this was also widely publicized by the media during that period, he referred to the publicity as 'VICTIMIZATION'.

He added, "Remember I almost became a victim of the media back then when I left Mohits, but I thank my stars that I pulled through and I am still here'.

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