Monday, 2 October 2017

Neymar Might Still Be At Barcelona If He Listened To Me Says His Father

Photo of Neymar

Neymar's  move to Paris Saint Germaine (PSG) has raised lot arguments and controversies, he left on a deal of £222 million which makes it the most expensive transfer.

His father, Neymar Sr revealed that he warned his son not to go to PSG but he refused. he had already made up his mind so they had to support him. Neymar had left Barcelona with the aim if winning the Ballon d' Or at PSG.

Neymar Sr (father) got £23 million agent fees which is the highest world record transfer.

According to his father, "It was difficult, but Neymar wanted this challenge and we supported him.

" We were all proud when he was presented at PSG. To see Neymar projected onto the Eiffel Tower was incredible. He loves everything here."

The father had claimed that what really motivated the move to PSG was to help them win their first champions league.

Neymar jr believes his chances of winning the Ballon d' Or at Barcelona is slim having players like Lionel Messi who had won it 5 times and a very brilliant striker, Luis Suarez.

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