Saturday, 7 October 2017

MI Was Never My Personal Assistant - Djinee

Djinee and MI

'If you help me see Ego' crooner,  Djinee has debunked the rumour that Nigerian rap star, MI Abaga was his personal assistant (PA) way back. He reveled this in a chat with Showtime.

Djinee has claimed that there was never a time the Chocolate City vice-president was his PA or errand boy, he only admitted that some of the Chocolate city crew came to Lagos through him.

In his statement, Djinee said:

"What? Never! There was never a time MI was my personal assistant; even MI cannot sit here and say such a thing. It's true he and the likes of Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz and the rest came to Lagos through me, but he was never my personal assistant, neither was there a time he used to help me carry my guitar around."

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