Monday, 16 October 2017

"For Me To Remarry, My Man Has To Be More Successful Than Me" Says Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo

Nigerian movie actress, Iyabo Ojo who recently opened N200 million amala joint has said that for her to remarry, her husband must be more successful than she is.

She revealed this in an exclusive interview with Punch that though she never wanted to marry, however because of the stress involved but now, she has had a change of heart. The actress also disclosed the condition that will make her remarry, which is the person wouldn't be poor.

"If marriage comes along, yes I will consider it. Then I used to say that I didn't want to get married again because of the stress involved. Now, I have had a rethink. But I can't marry a poor man. Some people will say I shouldn't say that, but I am a blunt person. For someone like me there is no love without money. I am a celebrity and I am expected to maintain a certain lifestyle, which is expensive.

Ojo who disclosed she is a breadwinner, added that it is necessary that the man have to be very rich but he should be able to feed himself and me.

"I have a lot of responsibilities. As a breadwinner and celebrity, how do you expect me to Marty a poor man? Where do you expect us to start from? I am not ready to add any man's pronlems yo mine. I don't need the man to be very rich, but he must be able to feed himself and me. You don't even have to cater for my other responsibilities.

She added further that she does want to be with a man who will be intimidated by her success, as she wants to be with someone who is more successful than she is.

"The kind of man I want in my life has to be !ore successful than me. When I bought my personal assistant a car, people said I didn't want her to marry. I told them that I don't expect her to marry someone who does have a car as well. You say what you want out of life,; we shpuldnt deceive ourselves. It is a choice to die in poverty and I have chosen not to die in poverty I cannot flow with someone who wants to die in poverty.

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