Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Davido Replies Follower Who Accused Him Of Killing 3 Of His Friends The Same Way


Nigerian pop star, Davido (Omo baba Olowo) has replied one of his followers who acussed him of killing three of his friends who died the same way.

The whole issue started when Caroline Danjuma accused Davido of dumping her boyfriend, Tagbo who she claimed died in Davido's car.

About three days after Tagbo's death, one of Davido's very good friend, who was his official DJ, DJ Olu also died with one of his friend, Chime in his car also.

One of his follower has accused the music star of killing his three friends, according yo the follower, 

@kellydgreat_ said: “Drama King Davido, you’re responsible for the death of three of your friends, Tagbo, Chime, DJ Olu who all died the same way within the period of 3 days. We really need serious investigation. Something is fishy about the mysterious death of 3 of your friends in less than a week. The rich always get away with murder cases in Nigeria, but this time, your Money can’t safe you. I am an insider who know the whole story. The world will know the truth”

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