Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Body Of Man Who Killed 59 Concert Goers In Las Vegas Discovered In Hotel Room

Photo of Stephen paddock at las Vegas shooting

A gunman who opened fire at people who came for the Las Vegas Concert has been identified as Stephen Paddock a 64-year-old man. Paddock who had planned the attack after waiting for three days in his hotel room before launching the attack at the event.

At least no fewer than 58 people were killed snd about 527 were injured when he opened fire from the 32nd-floor hotel in Las Vegas.

After the incident when police had gone to reinforce, on getting into his hotel room, Paddock had committed suicide as he turned a gun on himself.

A possible reason for his action could be this, according to local reports. Paddock had made "several large gambling transactions in recent weeks", this might have led him to huge debts. His brother, Eric Paddock revealed that he had been a multimillionaire real-estate entrepreneur.

Paddock had acquired his arms and ammunitions legally, he had no known criminal record but he had a history of psychological problems.

Photo of Stephen paddock las Vegas dhooter

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