Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Psquare Is Destroying Their Brand

Psquare Destroying Their Brand

It seems the devil betwern Psquare, Paul and Peter Okoye is awake again, sometimes ago the two brothers had a serious quarrel which almost tore them apart but with intervention of important personalities like Alhaji Dangote and Mike Adenuga, they were able to put their differences behind them and moved on.

They are at it again, last week Paul had written a letter to their lawyer, Festus Keyamo that he wanted termination of contract that his life is not safe.

With all of these, the group is destroying their brand 'Psquare' which took them more than 10 years to build. Paul and Peter are better as Psquare not as Mr P and Rude boy.

What took them many years to bulid, they just want to destroy it just like that. Imagine them speaking ill about theirselve, destroying their reputation of Psquare as if they are not brothers.

People are wondering what has gone wrong again, could this be a stunt or what? Is it that their wealth is too much that they can no longer control it?

Both had been leaving together for many years so what is happening now? Can they build such a quality brand now? They should give their break up a second thought.

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