Sunday, 24 September 2017

Politics Will Not Stop My Acting Career Says Yul Edochie

Politics Yul edochie

The son of veteran actor, Yul Edochie has come out to say politics will not stop his acting career. Politics should not stop him from acting because it runs in their blood, his father Pete Edochie is renowned actor popularly known his role in "Things Fall Apart".

Because of the on coming gubernitoarial election in Anambra state, Yul who is also an actor has been busy playing to the crowd to enough support for the elecyion.

His ideology is youth can do it, so has been asking the masses to give the youths a chance to turn things around.

Yul said;

" Politicians have failed us do, I'm in the race to touch the lives of Anambra people positively. Always remember that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. The problems of Anambra people have reached the last bustop. I joined the race to harness the creative potentials of the youths and the resource-endowment of Anambra and move the state to the next level of developmemt, "

On the issue of what happens yo his acting career when he goes into full time politics, Yul said;

" It will not stop my acting career at all. I intend to combine both roles effectively. However, I'm willing to jettison acting in order to face government for four years should it be required of me.

"An actor also has a right to contest for public office like every other citizen of Nigeria. So, I think the fact I'm an actor is a major plus, not a setback."

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