Monday, 25 September 2017

Police Sergeant Caught Smoking Indian Hemp Slaps DPO

A sergeant of Nigerian police, Agu that was found smoking Indian hemp has slapped a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Lion Building, Lagos when the DPO wanted to arrest him.

The incident happened on September 15 at the 155 anniversary of Epetedo in Lagos Island.

It was reported that the sergeant who was smoking Indian hemp was also drunk and having a gun with him. The resident of the area had sent a signal to the Area Commander, Area A Command, ACP Sola Akinyede to inform him about the misconduct of his officer.

The resident of the area said Agu had been smoking at the event, the height of the misconduct was when he shot into the air. The area commander ordered the DPO to visit the scene of the incident.

The DPO got to the scene of the incident with his team, attempt to arrest Agu made angry and he slapped the DPO. Search conducted at his apartment located at police barracks Beecroft street, Lagos Island revealed that there was also Indian hemp kept in his apartment. He was detained at the Lion Building Police Station.

The sergeant who was said to be on illegal duty at event has been released but undergoing orderly room trial.

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