Saturday, 30 September 2017

Playboy Founder's Wife Might Not Get A Share Of His Fortune

Photos of Hugh and Crystal Hefner

It is not certain if the 31-year-old wife of late Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner would get a share of the playboy founder's will. Crystal was Hefner's third wife.

The 91-year-old Playboy founder passed on Wednesday this week with the estimated net worth of $43 million, in another magazine estimated his net worth to be around $50 million, his net worth foes not include the worth of Playboy mansion that was sold last year.

Hefner is survived by his wife Crystal Hefner and 4 children from his previous marriage, they are, Christie Hefner,64, David Hefner,62, Marston Hefner,27, and Cooper Hefner,26. Cooper who is the last born, oversees Playboy magazine's operations, he had taken over his father role as Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises in 2016.

Before he passed on he had prepared a Will which would state how his properties will be shared. Hefner's ex-girlfriend, Madison has claimed that she saw the Will he made by her side of the bed they previously shared together at Playboy msnsion before they broke up in 2008.

She said it stated after death tax, Hefner's fortune "would be divvied up starting with roughly 50 percent yo his charitable foundation and the bulk of remainder divided evenly between his four children: Christie, David, Marston and Cooper."

She added that the will stated that $3 million would be bestowed to her at time of Hefner's death, "provided I still lived at the mansion."

Apart from what Madison said, it is not certain if Crystal will inherit any of Hefner's fortune, it was reported that in January 2013, Crystal and Hefner signed a an ironclad prenup before they got martied. As at when the Will was prepared Crystal was not included which will make get nothing out of his properties.

Although, the 31-year-old Crystal might still get a portion because about 4 months after their marriage in 2013, she and Hefner acquired a $4.995 million Hollywood Hills home and she is still listed as a co-owner of the property ad shown in the records..

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