Monday, 25 September 2017

Peter Of PSquare Writes Letter Of Termination Of Contract, Says His Life Is Being Threatened

Peter okoye write letter of termination of contract

Peter Okoye of the Nigerian famous music group, Psquare has submitted a letter to the group's lawyer, Fest is Keyamo saying he want to terminate his contract as a member of the music group.

Peter had alleged that his life and his family's are threatened, the letter dated Thursday September 21, is given below:

Thursday September 21, 2017
Festus Keyamo chambers
1, Festus Keyamo Lane,
Off Adebayo Mokuolu street
Anthony Village, Lagos State.

                         LETTER OF TERMINATION
What I am about to do has been a very difficult decision to make. I have decided to use this medium as a means to terminate the agreement between Psquare. I have tried and exhausted all my options to make this work. However it seems as if Paul is not willing to corporate, For example, he canceled each show as we were being booked. He has also been accusing and threatening my wife and family of unimaginable lies via social outlets. Me and my wife have been getting different threatening messages. I fear for my life and the life of my family. I cannot continue with P Square in conditions like this that will jeopardize my wellbeing. Remember, Jude has threatened to kill me and shoot my wife in the presence of Paul and Ms. Imoke (former First Lady of Cross River State); and had repeated it several times in front of you and other individuals. Last year at your office he threatened to come with coffin whenever he sees me around his house. He stood up and hit me in front of you and the other lawyers. I have documented video of when this moment occurred and I have played it for you. One thing for sure, we are family first before P Square. Last year, we tried to settle the family issues first, but we put that aside to appease the fans while issues were still present. We all agreed and signed that P Square belongs to Peter, Paul and Jude. Due to the threats and for the sake of peace, I decided to sign it. We even agreed to shoot and post a video individually to apologise to our fans. I released my video, however Paul and Jude refuse to release theirs. This has tarnished my character and made me a victim as the bad guy to the public. We all have agree that as long as P Square is in existence, we can operate as individuals as long as it doesn’t tamper with the group songs. I’ve decided to use this medium to pull out of the group and contract. I wish Jude and Paul the best in their careers. I love them and their families, but my family too is important and I cannot betray my wife and kids, MY FAMILY COMES FIRST. There has been so many treats against me and my family and it’s in the best interest of myself and family to remove myself from this contract. Thanks so much.

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