Monday, 18 September 2017

Passenger Pays N800,000 For Fake Visa, Misses Flight

Passenger, N800,000 Misses, glight

An intending  passenger on Qatar airways has missed the flight on Sunday over fake Turkish visa. The passenger who had planned his journey could not travel again due to the development.

 The passenger traveled from Imo state to Lagos to fly at Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja. He never knew he was having a fake visa in his passport until he got to Qatar airline check-in counter when he wanted to check-in before he knew it was a fake endorsement.

He was confused and furious when he was told he had a fake visa, he was not convinced thinking that they wanted to use the avenue to extort him. He decided to go to another airline where the visa was also confirmed to be fake.

Investigation revealed that he paid sum of N800,000 to obtain the endorsement. He got the link from his brother who connected him to someone Turkey. The person connected him to another person in Nigeria who eventually processed the fake visa for him.

The agent that helped him with the visa had warned earlier that he should not board any flight in Nigeria that he should head straight to Ivory Coast to fly. Because the innocent man did not know what he was having in his passport, he did not listen to the agent's advice therefore ending up not traveling again.

According to the agent that processed the visa, many clients had gone with same type of visa through his preferred route, Ivory Coast and they succeeded.

The essence of this post is not just for posting sake but pass necessary information across. If you are obtaining any visa through any means, it advisable for you to confirm the geniuity of the visa before you embark on any journey to avoid waste of time and embarrassment.

If you have the necessary documents  there is no way your visa application won't be granted. In case you don't know how to confirm if a visa is fake or not, go straight to the international airport meet any of the airline staff to help you confirm the geniuity of the visa.

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