Thursday, 28 September 2017

Moscow Begins The Use Of Facial-Recognition Technology To Identify Criminals & Boost Security

Moscow facials recognition technology

Moscow is trying to reduce crime and boost security at all cost, to achieve a superb security network, the city has deployed facials recognition technology to the the streets to curb criminal activities and to boost their security.

Before the advent of the technology, they have had network of 17,000 surveillance cameras across the city, since 2012, the CCTV recordings have been held for 5days after they are captured, with about 20 million hours of video.

The head of the department of information technology, Artem Ermolaev said, "We soon found it impossible to process such volumes of data by police officers alone.
" We needed an artificial intelligence to help find wheat we are looking for."

The facial-recognition technology was designed by Russian startup N-Tech.Lab Ltd. According to Ermolaev, the system cross preferences a digital fingerprint of images from the Interior Ministry"s database against those captured by cameras at entrances to apartment buildings.

He added that a 2-month trial of the system earlier this year resulted in 6 criminals being detained from a federal 'wanted" list.

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