Sunday, 3 September 2017

Juju Legend, Prince Adekunle Dies At 74

Popular juju musician, Adeyinka Adekunle popularly known as General Prince Adekunle is dead. The juju legend died at the age of 74-year-old at Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta in Ogun state.

The news of his death was made known by his brother, Femi Adekunle, the deceased died had spent three weeks at the Medical center before his death.

Prince Adekunle was born on October 22, 1942. He hailed from Egba in Abeokuta, Ogun state. He trained popular music star such as Sir Shina Peters (SSP) and Segun Adewale. The juju legend, Prince Adekunle reigned in the 60's & 70's.

The burial arrangement will be decided by his family after their meeting on Tuesday at Abeokuta.

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