Monday, 18 September 2017

Indiscipline In Immigration, Junior Officer Calls Senior Inspectorate Rank Rubbish

Indiscipline in immigration junior officer

A junior officer of  Nigeria Immigration Service has displayed high level of indiscipline as he called a Principal Inspector Of Immigration rank a rubbish rank.
This happened when they were rushing to queue for identity card capturing at the Ikeja Zonal office.

The source said the junior officer was hanging two iron bars on his shoulder while the senior officer was hanging an insignia of a river Niger and a bar. The junior officer is probably a level 6 officer while the senior officer is a lever 9 officer which is an equivalent of two stars, Assistant Superintendent of Immigration1 (ASI1).

The level6 officer rained abuses on the superior officer to the extent that he called his rank a rubbish rank. It was reported that the Inspectorate ranks in the paramilitary formation do not earn any respect. Junior officer in the Super intent Cadre will be made to head a senior officer in the Inspectorate Cadre thereby bringing disrespect amongst officers.

 Indiscipline will continue find it way in the paramilitary formation as long as the HND/BSc dichotomy remains. What is the essence of using two different ranking system in the same service (Inspectorate cadre and Superintendent Cadre)?

HND graduates are categorized with O level, NCE, OND, they all rise through the same ranking system while their BSc counterpart follow the superintendent cadre.

Some month ago in the same Nigeria, Nigeria Customs  which is also a paramilitary service removed the dichotomy between the HND/BSc with immediate rfgect.

All affected officers were aligned to their apprioprate ranks. All of these transformation took placr under the watch of Rtd colonel Ahmeef Alli, Comptroller-General of Customs.

The alignment in ranks of affected officers has restored peace, motivstion, confidence, commitment which is yielding very good results for the service.

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