Monday, 11 September 2017

Ignorance Can Cause Unnecessary Hike In Price Of International Passport

Ignorance Hike Priceassport

Getting the Nigeria international appears to be very difficult. The reason is not far fetched, ignorance is part of the major reason why there is hike in the price of Nigerian passport. It is known that the holy book says, "My people perish because they lack knowledge", this is exactly what is playing out. Many of us wouldnt want to take adventure since people say it is not easy as a result  others do not want to try.

Apart from ignorance. scarcity of booklets also did but the major reason is Mr ignorance.

 Apply and getting it is very easy but because applicant (people) do not want to learn how to do it they find extremely difficult. Ignorance makes people pay more for what they refuse to learn.

The official price of Nigerian passport is everywhere on immigration website but applicants are not ready to find out and learn how it works. There are certain procures that need to be followed in other to obtain the passport.

The are different types of passport but the commonest one is the stamdard passport ehich rvery Nigerian csn apply for. It has 32 and 64 pages, for 32 pages, adult between 18yrs and 59yrs will payN17,000, teenager of age 17yrs and adult of 60yrs above is N10,750. For 64 pages everybody pays N22,000 flat rate.

Do you know that the amount paid for passport is always on the printout downloaded from internet when applying for the travel document? Applicants do not really because they don't care snd they font want to know.

It sounds funny when applicant say they pay 35,000-45,000 for one passport depending how well they can bargain.

The immigration boss, Mohammed Babandede has told the public the official prices of passports several times but still applicant don't get it. The process of applying and getting passport is a simple process which we can all do (Do it yourself, you can do it).

Because we refuse to know how to apply for passport by ourselves, the freelancers (touts) at various passport office will tell you he/she will help you thereby increasing the cost of the passport.

Come to think of something, did anybody come with any knowledge from, if an officer or freelancer could learn how to apply for a passport what stops any other person to know how to do it, it is nothing but I don't care. Remember the more you are the more you pay.

Everybody is guilty of the ignorance we are talking about, the elite, the middle class snd below. One of the problem is, applicant do not want to ask questions, by asking necessary questions you can do everything on your own.

You can apply for the passport by yourself online, then after printing out necessary pages after payment online, you can then take the print outs and other supporting document, put everything in a file and submit the file to the passport office chosen when rou were filling the form online. For instance, if you want to apply for passport in Lagos, you have to choose Lagos and select any passport office of your choice since there are 3 passport offices in Lagos.

 If you have any question feel free, you can send question(s) or comments through the comment section of this post. Believe me you can apply and get the passport by yourself.

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