Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Ex-Vice President, Atiku Vows To Fight Corruption

Atiku Fight Corruption

Ex Vice-President and former custom officer, Atiku Abubakar has vowed to fight corruption with the last drop of blood in his vein. Many people believe the former vice-president looted funds from federal government due to his massive investment in the country.

 Among his investments are ABTI schools, the major part of the ABTI schools is the American University of Nigeria, PRODECO which deals with properties and Oil & gas, Intel's,Atiku Abubakar farms

Atiku has declared interest to run for presidency in 2019. He was the vice-president from 1999-2007 under the umbrella of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), by virtue of his political post in the past one would think he acquired all his wealth through his office.

The ex-VP has said that his political enemies are at work, that they are saying he looted money when he was the number two man in the country.

Atiku has moving between two political parties, PDP and All Peoples Congress (APC), during the presidential election in 2015 he campaigned and ran for presidential primary under APC but he lost the battle to the current president, Muhammudu Buhari, at the moment he is back to PDP.

According to him, people believe he is corrupt but there have been evidence and he never been charged to court for corrupt practices. He has promised to fight corruption never before he is given the opportunity to rule the country, Nigeria.

He has challenged anybody who had any evidence that he stole money at Customs or during his tenure as vice-president to show evidence. He recalled his past during his training as a Customs officer, he said he would retire from any agency if he did not get to the top of his career at 40 years of age. Unfortunately for him he could only get to position of a deputy director before he left in 1989 to purse career in business.

Atiku also said categorically that he had been successful before he became vice-president in 1999.

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