Thursday, 28 September 2017

After A Serious Heartbreak, Doris Simeon Finds Love Again

Doris Simeon Finds love

Doris Sineon, a Nollywood actressa who lost her husband to one of her colleague, Stella Damascus has fallen in love again after years of waiting.

This was made known in an interview with Oge Ezeliora when she was quizzed  if there any possibility of making up with former hubby, Daniel Ademinokan.
She responded by saying;

"I don't dwell in past. I don't want to talk about anyone. I have moved on. I have no regret at all. I have only learnt to be stronger. The truth is that I have forgotten abut everything. Times has erased it (the emotional pain I went through). I am now a better person. Today I am closer to God snd I put God first in everything I do. I never gave up on love. I have found love again in Jesus. I am married to my career right now. I am in a relationship anyway but I want to be private about it. I thank God because I am a better person. My career and business are going on well.

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