Saturday, 1 July 2017

British Airways To Borrow 9 Planes From Qatar Airways

Bristish Airways is set to borrow nine planes, pilots snd cabin crews from Qatar Airways due to strike action. The strike will commence today July 1 to July16, the airline had kept passengers guessing and some flights had been canceled.

According to Mr Oliver Richardson, Unite's national officer, he said, "We will fight both industrially and legally to defend our members' fundamental human right to stand up to bullying and for decent pay"

Before this current strike action by the crew members, they have had 26 days strike, during this period, BA had to charter planes, pilots and cabin crews from other United Kingdom (UK) carrier.

In a situation like this where EU airline wish to borrow planes, pilots and cabin crew ( a practice called wet leasing), from a non- EU  carrier,it must seek official authorisation. The approval for the borrowing was granted before 4pm yesterday.

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