Sunday, 18 June 2017

Lionel Messi Reacts To The Rumour Of A Meal With His Friends That Cost €37,330

Footballers in Europe are on break, most of them are enjoying their holidays with families and friends. In few weeks the players will be resuming back for new season.

After long weeks of play and stress, Argentina forward, Lionel Messi has been enjoying his holiday with friends and family.

Messi was at Ibizain company of his friends, Barcelona teammate, Luis Suarez and former teammate Cesc Fabregas who now plays for Chelsea football club in England.

The three talented footballers who were at Balearic Island with their families had sunbath on a yacht. While they were there enjoying themselves with their families, a massive bill showed up on the internet saying that a huge sum of €37,330 dinner bill for meal by Messi, Suarez, Fabregas and their families.

It was alleged that the footballers ordered for 41 bottles of champagne plus other expenses. Messi took took to his social media page to react to the rumour of the massive dinner bill which was translated into English. It says "Hahahahahahaha, what a way to talk s***. How they invent. The most beautiful thing is that people believe it".

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