Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Black Guy Who Died In Police Custody in Beckton, Swallowed Packages

Investigation has revealed that the black guy, Edir Frederico Da Costa,25 who died after being arrested by police swallowed packages.

The young father who was also known as Edson died after he was detained by police using force and CS spray. He was detained by Metropolitan Police men who stopped s car he was traveling in with two friends in Beckton, London.

Edson had died in hospital on Wednesday, six days after he was detained. Some packages were removed by pathologist from Edson's throat, which were thought caused his death.

Relatives of the deceased claimed that a doctor said he had extensive injuries alongside broken neck, these claims have been said to be false by investigators.

 According to assistant commissioner of the IPCC, Tom Milsom, a preliminary postmortem found "that there was no fracture of the neck or spinal injury, no broken collarbone and no bleeding on the brain".

Investigstion is still on going to further analyse the content of those packages.

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