Monday, 1 May 2017

Why Oba Of Lagos Snubbed Ooni Of Ife

The drama that happened on April 25 between the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu and Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwunsi has really gone viral, the video of the act made rounds on the social media.

On that particular day Oba Akiolu snubbed Ooni of Ife as he tried to great him, as the Ooni arrived at the venue of the event in Lagos, he exchange pleasantries with the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Achebe and both of them hugged. The next on the row to Obi of Onitsha was Oba Akiolu, as Ooni move close to him to great he stylishly snubbed him waving his hand in response.

According to THISDAY, the incident involving the two monarchs may be connected to past business encounter between two of them. The was an unpleasant engagement between the Ooni and Oba Akiolu before he ascended the throne as Ooni of Ife.

As a businessman and property developer, Ooni had bought a large expanse of land on the Island for a certain project, a deal said to have been sealed and delivered with those concerned including all the financial commitments resolved.
Oba Akiolu got to find out about the deal later and he allegedly stopped the development despite all the huge amount Ooni had invested on the project he pleaded with Oba Akiolu but he insisted Ooni must pay royalty for any development to continue. Ooni was shocked and surprise that he could be asked to pay huge sum of money.

The royalty Ooni was meant to pay was running into several millions of naira but little did Oba Akiolu know Ooni was going to be a high class monarch. He pleaded for reduction but no way, unfortunately for him the money was said to be a large sum at that time because he had put in so much into the very development and found it difficult to raise money as at then.

To raise the said money, Ooni quickly approached his friends who assisted him for the money. As fate would have it, a few months after their encounter, Ogunwusi became the Ooni of Ife.

“That is the truth of this bitterness, at least, what we can link this to. The Oba of Lagos hasn’t completely gotten over the emergence of ‘Yeye and against the backdrop of how he treated him…

“We were always at the palace in Idugaran nearly every day, prostrating for Akiolu with ‘Yeye, just for him to relax his stand a bit, but he was adamant as if his sole aim was to jeopardise the project. ‘Yeye was at the palace for many days,  only going to beg and plead with the Oba to reduce what he was asking for and not to dissuade him from asking for what was due to him. But all fell on deaf ears.

“’Yeye was forced to raise that money because a lot was at stake. But even if ‘Yeye had not become Ooni, he still has his respect for age and the throne as a child born into royalty, who was also raised with strict adherence to tradition. I mean, apart from that, ‘Yeye has never had any untoward interaction with Oba Akiolu that would warrant snubbing him in public the way he did.”

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