Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ogun State Plans To Pay Official Visit To Anthony Joshua In London

The new world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua has been getting attention from people ever since he won his recent title.

One of the attentions is coming from Ogun state government, the Ogun state government has been planning to pay an official visit to the newly crowned world heavyweoght boxing champion in London.

The latest world heavyweight champion is a British-Nigerian whose root is believed to be from Sagamu in Ogun  state , Nigeria. The brilliant boxer beat Wladimir Klitschko from Ukraine last week  to claim the title as the world champion.

He is the first snd only Nigerian to win the Unified title and second Nigerian after Samuel Peters to win the world heavyweight boxing title.

The Commissioner for Youth and Sports in Ogun state, Mr Afolabi Afuape said the government was planning to visit and congratulate Joshua.

According to the Commissioner,  “The trip to London is to congratulate him on the victory and for making the state to attain another first in the area of boxing. After which the state can invite him officially for a state award for the honour done on the state." 

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