Tuesday, 2 May 2017

MTN Nigeria Sacks About 280 Staffs

Telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria has fired up to 280 workers across different sections in the firm.

On Friday, the affected workers who left the company have agreed with the company's offer of voluntary disengagement which was offered to employees who had worked in the company for at least five years. 

Some of the affected workers have been with MTN Nigeria since inception(2001) in Nigeria, but now the managent of MTN believe that  their knowledge is old and no longer relevant to the mobile telecommunications industry.

It was gathered that MTN had informed the workers about its plans to offer those who agreed with the voluntary exit package would be generously compensated, but was forced to include some long-standing members of staff when it could not meet the 25 per cent cut in personnel that it had planned.

To compensate the workers who opted for voluntary exit and those forced out, it was gathered that the company offered to pay them three weeks’ total wages multiplied by the number of years they had spent in the firm, in addition to the balances in their Retirement Savings Accounts under the Contributory Pension Scheme.

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