Monday, 22 May 2017

Meet The Family Of Four Who Built A Luxury 6-Bed-Room House In Four Days

Meet the Cooper family of four who has built a luxury 6-bedroom home, Dorset in just four days on 52 acres at Lyme Regis.. They family includes, Richard the father, Nikki the mother, Teddie and Stanley.

The family were living on London before they moved to their 6-bedroom flat pack home because they have outgrown their former house in London. The home is estimated to cost £1.2 million.

Total of 52-acre plot of land was purchase, 7 acres of garden and 45 acres of forest. The 6-bedroom home was made in a factory in Bavaria, Germany and it took five days complete.

The first building of the luxury home was installed the first day, the second floor was built on the second day and the roof was completed on the third day.

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