Thursday, 25 May 2017

Federal Govt. To Review Minimum Wage

There have agitation for the national minimum wage in Nigeria to be increased, despite the recession, the hike in prices of goods snd services the minimum remains the same.

The Labour Union led by Mr Wabba has sponsored protests for the minimum wage to be reviewed but all effort was to no avail.Presently, the minimum wage is pegged at N18,000, a take home which can no longer take workers home.

In a  bid to review minimum wage,  the Federal Government is planning to set up 29 members committee that will look into the minimum wage for government workers.

The 29-member committee will comprise of representative from the Federal Government, State Governments and the Organized Labor.

 The Minister of Labor and Productivity, Dr Chris Ngige explained that the proposed committee is to look into the matter and for civil servants to get better salary. The proposed minimum wage is N56,000.

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