Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Visually-Impaired Student Of UNILAG Who Was Rusticated Has Been Reinstated

The visually-impaired student of University Of Lagos (UNILAG), Ochuba Chichebe Polycarp that was rusticated alongside twelve other students has been reinstated yesterday, 18 April, 2017.

The students were rusticated on March 21,2017 due to the protest held on 28 September,2015 over the infestation by bedbugs in the halls where they were residing.

The decision to reinstate Ochuba back to UNILAG was due to pleas for leniency from various people who pleaded on his behalf.

The registrar of UNILAG, Dr Taiwo Ipaye said "In view of the various pleas for leniency, the recommendation of the Students' Disciplinary Board we received and the penalty of rustication for two semesters has been withdrawn. Your studentship is hereby reinstated".

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