Tuesday, 11 April 2017

US Bans Muslim Student On Scholarship Who Fights Religious Extremism

Zia Shah, a Fulbright scholarship student at the University of Chicago has been banned from the United States (US).

Zia had gone to Pakistan to visit his parents during the winter holidays only for him to go back to US on January 4, he was told he is no longer welcome again. After his holiday, he made his way to the airport in his home town, Karachi, it was at the airport he was told he had been prohibited from flying back to the US to further his religious studies degree sponsored by US government.

He is committed in teaching about the peacefulness of dignity, he was so surprised at the new development,  because in 2014 he was given funding from the United State Agency for International Development (USAID) to set up Ravbish, a social enterprise that runs workshops for young students on different faiths and beliefs.

 According to him, "Our work is aimed at enabling human connections so negative stereotypes can be addressed snd peace can prevail between Pakistan snd other countries - like our neighbors India."

He added,"I think this personal connection is important for people to understand that it’s okay for your personal beliefs to be different."

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