Saturday, 11 March 2017

Was The Officiating Between Barcelona And PSG Free And Fair?

There have been arguments over the officiating of the UEFA champion league match between Barcenola football club of Spain and the French giant Paris Saint German (PSG).

The first leg took place in France where PSG nailed Barca 4 goals to nothing. But it was so surprising at Spain that it was by force PSG managed to score a goal in a match that ended 6 goals to 1 in favour of Barcelona on Wednesday 8, 2017.

Back home in France angry PSG fans vandalized PSG's vehicle as they arrived due to the defeat they suffered in the hands of Barca.

After 4-0 victory in favour of PSG during the first leg gave their fans lots of hope that the second leg in Spain was going to be a work over but the story was different which left PSG fans so disappointed.

In such a crucial match two penalty shoot outs were awarded in favour of Barca which could be demoralizing to their  opponent.

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