Monday, 13 February 2017

Wow! Style Plus Is Back Again With A Singles 'Aso Ibora' (Blanket)

Sensational pop musical group, Styl-Plus is back again to the music industry, they have been away for almost a decade or more.

The group STYL-PLUS was initially STYL,which was made up by Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi and Lanre Faneyi, the group name was gotten from the abbreviation of the first alphabets of their names.

Along the line in 1998, the group lost Lanre Faneyi into cold hands of death, then Zeal Onyecheme joined them which made the group to rename the group as STYL-PLUS, where Zeal is the PLUS.

The group started their musical career as students way back at the Federal University Of Technology Akure (FUTA).

In the year 3002, the  'Y' (Yemi Akinwonmi) amongst them left leaving Shifi, Tunde and Zeal. In 2003 , yhevgroup had their record label called STYL-PLUS.

Congratulations, they are back to the industry with a new Song called ASO IBORA (BLANKET) but they are now two members namely Shifi Omoefe and Zeal Onyecheme.

They produced songs like, Olufunmi, Call my name, Imagine that, Runaway among others. Welcome back.☺


Anonymous said...

Welcome back style plus

Anonymous said...

Its good to see them back after a very long time

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