Sunday, 26 February 2017

Suspected Cult Groups Belonginging To Political Party Clashed In On do State.

At least four persons were reported dead during a clash between two rival groups in Ondo town at the weekend.

Two of the cultists were apprehended by the police. The suspected cult groups may belong to political parties in the state.

The bloody clash started at the party secretariat before it spread other areas in the state.

According to a reliable source, the bloody clash between the cult groups began when supporters of a chieftainnof the party in the town who openly defected to another patty before the last governorship election wanted to return and were prevented.

Because they were rebuffed, this led to a brutal clash and dangerous weapons were used by the rival groups.

Dead bodies that resulted from the clash were found at Odijomu street. Ondo town and investigation is in progress.

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