Friday, 24 February 2017

Pax Attempts Suicide Because He was Refused Departure.

Uche a passenger (Pax) traveling to South Africa (SA) on Wednesday was refused to travel because he did not meet up the necessary requirements. Uche attempted suicide because he was refused to travel, he called attention of many people and tried all he could but he did not succeed.

From a reliable source,when Uche got home filled with sadness,  he jumped inside well before he was rescued by his neighbor that saw him and alerted other residents who quickly came to his aid.

Uche's mission was doubtful, besides his doubtful mission, there were other reasons he was not allowed to make his journey. When he was interview on his journey to SA, he was having only $50, no hotel reservation, no resident permit and data page of host.

According to Uche, his host in SA had promised he was going to receive him at the Airport which was not convincing to the profier. The profiler was not satisfied with Uche's requirement and response so he was not allowed to proceed to obtain his boarding pass.

Uche did not have the necessary requirements to enable him depart to SA, there was every possibility that if he was allowed to travel to SA with his requirement he would be returned back to Nigeria the following day.

For a pax traveling out of Nigeria, he is supposed to have sufficient BTA, at least $500 is good for SA, if you have more than well and good. Traveling to SA, one of the major requirements is the hotel reservation or copy of  the resident permit of host. Airlines call hotels or owners of resident permit to confirm the authenticity, both in Nigeria and South Africa.

Missing a flight by pax attracts a fine, the fine varies from airlines to airlines.

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