Friday, 17 February 2017

My Journey To Dubai

A first time traveler shared her experience when she was traveling to Dubai, a beautiful city in United Area Emirate (UAE).

She jetted out to Dubai on Air Rwanda, according to her the journey was wonderful. The journey started from Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

On arrival at MMIA, she proceed to Rwanda Air check-in counter. At this point she will go through security checks to ensure everything is in order.

Firstly the passenger (Pax) was profiled to find out her destination, the genuity of passport, purpose of traveling, amount of BTA, geniuty of visa, geniue hotel reservation or photocopies of resident permit & data page of the host.

If the profilers are satisfied with you at this point you would move on to the next stage but if otherwise the pax would be sent out of the check-in counter to fulfill whatever condition(s) required by the airline.

The profiler were satisfied with the pax so she moved on to the next stage where the only bag she was traveling with was screened. At this point there were some security personnels ; Customs, Antibomb, Quarantine, DSS, NDLEA. Every security personnel at every check-in counter has their own specific function.

After screening her luggage she proceeded to obtain Boarding pass which was the last place at the check-in counter. At this stage, her luggage was checked in and she got her boarding pass. Note that all the information you need to board a flight is always I.e the gate which the airline is going to board, seat number , class; First, Business or Economy.

When she was done with the check-in, she continued to DSS and Immigration clearance the pax was given IMMIGRATION DEPARTURE CARD to fill, the pax was also profiled at this point then her passport was stamped by the Immigration and allowed to pass through FAAN screening , NDLEA screening where passengers are screened for drugs Customs screening where passengers declare currencies. Note that pax are not allowed to traveling with more than US $10,000.

After all the screenings the pax proceeded to the last point, boarding gate, at this stage, her boarding pass was checked and allows to board the airline.
Accordong to the pax when they landed in Dubai, she proceeded to immigration clearance, her passport was stamped and she got her luggage off to her destination.

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