Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How I Missed Ethiopian Airline Flight And Paid Fine.

A passenger shared his experience how he missed Ethiopian Airline Flight when he was traveling to South Africa. He was traveling to South Africa on Ethiopian Airline on Friday 27th January, 2017 but could not catch up with the flight on that very day because he was late to the Murtals Muhammed international Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.

The passenger was coming from Ibadan on that same day, there were lot of traffics on his way by the time he got to Lagos it was late, on getting to the airport the airline had closed their check-in counter.

I must say something at this point, before you travel ask questions to avoid delays and missing flight. At the check-in counter, a passenger must obtain  BOARDING PASS to enable him/her go on board a flight but many first time passengers don't know about this.

The passenger did not get his boarding pass because he got to the Ethiopian  check-in counter late. Apart from this, passengers are always confused with the time written on their tickets. On tickets what will be written is the final departure time unknown to the passengers they are supposed to be aware of when check-in counter opens for any airline they wish to fly.

For instance, Ethiopian Airline from Lagos opens Counter by 8:30, closes by 12:15 and flight departs by 1:30pm. What is written on tickets is the departure time.

When the passenger missed his flight, he went to Etiopian Airline office at the Airport on that Friday, when he got there he was asked to pay a fine of 46,000 naira to change his date to Sunday 29 January 2017 but he could not so he waited till Sunday to pay the 46,000 naira on getting to their office Sunday he wastold pay 83,940 naira and a repaitration fee of 21,500 naira which will be refunded within stipulated time.

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