Monday, 13 February 2017

Grammy Awards: Worst Dressed Celebrities

Elvana Gjata:
Albanian singer and songwriter. the top of the Albania' s cozy frock isn't awful, but the proportion of the high-low hem is totally off.

Girl Crush;
It is cool when celebrities use unconventional msterials in their looks but when it is not executed well, the overall look can look,

Taraji P. Henson;
The atire is cool, as in the mini hemline and accentuated shoulders are pretty nice for the Grammys award, but there may be too many graphic designs.

Elle King:
Awesome for a renaissance fair, but the flower crown and floral frock is a bit too matchy for this red carpet. If the top was a solid color, then this look would have been a lot modern.

It is great when celebrities are daring , loosing the buttons on shirt revealing a bit of the front line. This look would have been better if the exposed portion of the skin was complemented by a structured silhouette.

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