Monday, 20 February 2017

Anti-Trump's Rally, "Not My President Day"

Thousands of Ant-Trimp intending protesters will be holding a rally on Monday  20, tagged "Not My Presidents Day", the protesters are using Monday being a federal holiday in IS to organize the rally around cities in US.

Thousands of ontending protesters are expected to take over the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and more in demonstration to kick against the policies of the Government of the day, Mr Trump.

Some of the protesters were moblizrd on Facebook, over 12,000 Facebook users showed interest to join the protest at noon near Manhattan's Central Park.

According to the protesters, " We do not accept Donald Trump as our president  because he does not represent us," that his policies on abortion and immigration are the major concerns.

In Atlanta, organizers are planning "ImPEACH Noe" , in Los Angeles, the organizers planned 9 am to 2 pm pm protest outside City Hall, in Chicago the is not different about 3,700 people have indicated on Facebook that they will join Monday'd noon rally across the Chicago River from Trump Tower and many to join.

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