Thursday, 12 January 2017

Things You Need To Know As A First Time Traveler From Nigeria

1) International Passport/ Visas: All international passports must be obtained at any designated Nigeria immigration passport office (both in Nigeria & abroad). Any Nigerian passport obtained by sending your passport photograph without capturing at immigration passport office is not genuine.

Please beware of touts and fraudsters immigration passport offices are open to anybody that wants to obtain international passport.

Visas are obtained at embassies, high commission or Visa application centres. There are people that issue fake visas, if you have issues or doubt about any visa you can always confirm to avoid getting fake visa and wasting money (for visa confirmation or any question contact us at, you can also use the comment form below to contact us.)

Some embassies/ high commissions interview visa applicants while some do not i.e non appearance.

2) Yellow fever vaccination card: it is small but very important, some people are being deported just because of yellow card. Some countries like South Africa, China, Malaysia etc require it while some do not. It is issued by the Port health and it costs #1k for now. Where can we get port health office ? We can locate them at local governments, by the toll gate at the Murtala Muhammed international Airport, Ikeja, Lagos. Any yellow not issued by Port health is not genuine.

Also, the yellow card must have been obtained at least two weeks before passenger' s departure date.

3) BTA/PTA: it is an acronym for Basic Traveling allowance / Personal Traveling Allowance. Passengers can be sent back home from other country because of insufficient BTA/PTA. Ensure you have at least $1000 or more depending on the purpose of traveling.

4) Hotel reservation / Resident permit of your host: it is also important. It is the hotel that you book that you are going to lodge, if you don't have anybody at the country you are visiting make sure you get a paid hotel reservation that tallies with the number of days on your ticket.

If you have somebody in the country you are visiting, the person can send photocopy or scanned copy of resident permit, data page of his international passport.

5) Luggages : Most airlines allow two Luggages that must not be more than 23kg each and a hand luggage of at most 10kg. Excess luggage will be charged but fee varies.

*NOTE : Travelers are not allowed to carry palm oil from Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the information

Unknown said...

Nice one. With these info, I'm sure most people wont fall victims to fraudsters in this recession. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gud info, how can first timer get boarding pass without going through stress?

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