Sunday, 15 January 2017

BA: Cabin Crew's Follow-up Strike 'Bizarre'.

The British Airways cabin crew represented by the Unite union and employed under the airline's "mixed fleet" contract have called another strike for three days from 19 January, a decision their employer has labelled "bizarre".

Unite says the industrial action is the result of the "continuing and deepening anger" about the IAG-owned carrier's "confrontational stance" in a dispute over pay and conditions. The union is urging BA to avert the action by "meaningfully addressing levels of poverty pay which are causing financial worry and distress to mixed-fleet cabin crew".

In its statement that labels Unite's move 2bizarre, as well as regrettable". BA contends that an earlier action -a two-day walkout staged from 10 January - failed in its objective", and the next strike will create "further division" among union members and is "completely without justification".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Quite unfortunate, something needs to be done fast

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