Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My boyfriend broke my heart but I still love him.

Oh my Tunde! He was my first love and I thought he would never hurt me. I felt our love was going to last forever. I did think he wasn't going to hurt me. He told me and I quote, "I will always be right here for you"

A few weeks later, he broke up with me in a note. He left it on door like a pathetic person. I was crushed but I acted so strong, when I got home I cried myself to bed.

After that he dated few other girls and I
dated some other guys. I was never really over him, he was my first after all.

He's been in and out of my life. He comes around every time he wants s*x and I sadly give it to him.I know I sound like a stupid girl but I'm not. I know I should just leave him alone and get over it but it's hard because I see him everyday and he was my first love. I'm confused but I still love him.

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