Thursday, 14 July 2016


 The Niger-Delta militant Group in Bayela has declared a cease fire for two weeks. The group is now ready to dialogue with president Muhammadu Buhari.

According to to the statement from the spokesperson of the militant group, Mr Woi Izon Ebi, said  "We want the Federal Government to consult distinguished personalities , royal fathers and chiefs of the Niger Delta communities. Government  should disassociate itself from  negotiating with apolitical jobbers in Abuja , but come down to the Niger Delta communities. "If after the two weeks of. Cease fire , nothing meaningful happens ,we have no option but to redirect our next phase of  action to the exporting terminals to stop total export of our resources.

"We hereby , call on Mr President to do the needful by being sincere to himself and Nigerians in engaging in meaningful dialogue to ensure a lasting peace in the Niger Delta and Nigeria in particular.
"We have lived all our lives as victims and like fishes constantly lmmersed in pools of pollution, so it is no longer news to us. Come to talk about explosion and degradation,  it didn't start today , it has been so for the pas 50 years. That is why the colonial masters pointed it out categorically to Nigerians before independence that the Ijaws and he Ogoni communities were priority areas of concentration and develment by the Nigerian government

"All we need is a clean environment devoid of pollution, development, good drinking water, motor-able roads citing across our communities , electricity, universities, resource control.

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