Monday, 4 July 2016


Archbishop Emeritus of the Kumasi Catholic Archdiocese Most Reverend Peter Akwasi Sarpong is worried over the level of indiscipline that has caught up with the current crop of youth in the country.

‘It’s simple that the youth are not disciplined. They give in to all kinds of weaknesses and one of them is the sin of sexual immorality we know that it’s not good”, he said.

According to him, checks and balances that used to exist to whip erring youth in line have been discarded over time in the name of modernity which is why society has been bedevilled with various ills involving the youth.

He emphasized that the engagement of the youth in armed robbery, prostitution, vandalism, lesbianism, gayism and rioting among others could be directly attributed to these things.

“In the past there were certain checks and balances in the society and which frowned upon certain sins like sins of immorality and prevented people from committing crimes. It helped the youth to keep clean like puberty rights (Biragro). Every girl wanted to have puberty rights and if you didn’t have your puberty rights you commit Kyiribra you would be punished”, he disclosed.

The Former Member of the Council of State further revealed that it was forbidden to indulge in sexual acts leading to childbearing without undergoing certain prescribed customs especially Biragoro.

He however expressed worry that formal education has affected these good practices which results in girls and boys having no means of checking their sexual activities which are a direct manifestation of an upsurge in teenage pregnancy.

He explained there are no set rules in the current dispensation to give the checks and balances like in the past when puberty rights were used as an initiation to adulthood which girls coming of age never wished to miss.

“When you go to school and you have abortions and all those things being practised in catholic schools or any school you have something called fag a fag is something that has become the order of the day”, he stated.

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